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Saturday, February 28, 2015

LAST DATE IS EXTENDED TO 15th FEBRUARY,2015 FOR ADMISSIONS FOR PH.D. PROGRAMME IN BUSINESS MANGEMENT     October-December 2014 issue of 'The Journal' is published.     Last date of submission of papers/articles for 'The Journal' has been preponed from 2015.     Articles/Papers are invited for 2014-2015 issues of 'The Journal'.    'Register for Group Corporate Membership of Online Lending Library'.    

Welcome To College of Insurance

The Insurance Sector is poised for tremendous growth. Global giants in Insurance Sector have entered Indian insurance market. The changing dynamics of business and regulatory environment demands highly motivated and professional work force who are equipped to understand the nuances of Insurance business to perform at their peak level. In such a scenario there is need for an Institution that transforms and brings professionals up to speed. With the legacy of more than five decades in the domain of Insurance training and through the years we have strived for excellence in General Insurance and Life Insurance training. College of Insurance is all geared up to take the mantle of grooming tomorrow's leaders……

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2015,01,12 Leveraging New Distribution Models (Life Insurance)"  

2015,01,08 Finance for General Insurance Executives"  

2015,01,12 Health Insurance (for employees of TPA)"  

2015,01,05 Protection Planning (Life Insurance)"  

2015,02,02 Agency Management (General Insurance)"  

2015,01,05 Certified Insurance Trainer's Programme"  


2015,01,12 "Workshop on Marine Cargo Insurance"  

2015,01,05 "25 Hours Renewal Brokers Training"  

2015,02,02 "50/25 Pre-Licensing Brokers Training"  

2014,11,15 "Finance for General Insurance Executives"  

2014,11,27 "Workshop on Oil and Energy"  

2014,11,17 "New Vistas in Online Insurance Marketing"  

2014,11,03 "50/25 Hours Pre-Licensing Training for Brokers"  

2014,10,13 "25 hrs Renewal Programme for Brokers"  

2014,12,15 "Management of Property Insurance-Engineering(Underwriting)"  

2014,12,08 "Aviation Insurance"  

2014,12,01 "Management of Property Insurance-Fire(Underwriting)"  

2014,11,24 "Risk Management and PML - Significance"  

2014,11,10 "Appreciation Course –Acturial Science for Non-Life Insurance"  

2014,10,13 "Optimisation of Distribution System"  

2014,10,08 "Health Insurance (for employees of TPA)"  

2014,10,08 "Appreciation Course –Acturial Science for Life Insurance"  

2014,09,10 "50/25 Hours Pre-Licensing Training for Brokers"  

2014,09,11 "Workshop on Current Trends in Life Underwriting"  

2014,09,01 "3 Days Workshop For Corporate Agents"  

2014,09,22 "25 hrs Renewal Programme for Brokers"  

2014,09,22 "Rural and Micro Insurance"  

2014,09,15 "Marine Hull Insurance"  

2014,08,04 "Motor Insurance Fraud"  

2014,08,25 "Handling of Consumer courts and Ombudsman - Legal Scenario"  

2014,08,11 "Certified Insurance Trainers"  

2014,08,11 "Mega Risks Insurance"  

2014,08,04 "Regulatory Compliances for Life Insurance Companies"  

2014,07,31 "Cattle Insurance"  

2014,07,21 "Agriculture including Livestock"  

2014,07,21 "Motor OD"  

2014,07,14 "25 hrs Renewal Programme for Brokers"  

2014,07,10 "Protection Planning ( Life Insurance )"  

2014,07,07 "Engineering Project Claims"  

2014,07,18 "Insurance Brokers Training (50/25 hrs)"  

2014,06,02 " Marine Cargo Insurance"  

2014,06,23 "Health Medical Management including frauds control"  

2014,06,16 "Challenges in Management of Project Insurance"  

2014,07,30 "Engineering Claims ( Non Project )"  

2014,05,26 "Specialised Programme on Liability Lines"  

2014,05,26 "Regulatory Compliances for General Companies"  

2014,05,19 "Advanced Health Insurance"  

2014,06,16 "Programme on Reinsurance Management"  

2014,05,05 " 3 Days Workshop For Corporate Agents"  

2014,04,28 "Leveraging New Distribution Models (Life Insurance)"  

2014,05,12 "Reinsurance Management -International Programme"  

2014,04,24 "Insurance Brokers Training (50/25 hrs)"  

2014,05,28 " Certified Insurance Trainer's Program"  

2014,04,09 " 25 hrs Renewal Programme for Brokers"  

2014,05,26 "Motor Insurance Workshop"  

2014,05,19 "Programme for Potential MDRT"  

2014,04,28 " Claims Management of Property Insurance"  

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