Programme Details
Compliance Governance and Risk Management

Relevance of the Program:-

The financial sector has become more and more challenging in recent times with the country working closer with the global community. Changes happening worldwide are constantly capturing the attention of Indian regulators and due care is being taken so the Indian industry has its share of learning from happenings elsewhere on the globe. Insurance professionals, like their counterparts in the financial sector, have to keep their knowledge of the changing regulatory requirements updated. Those involved in governance and compliance functions need to know this as part of their job requirement. However, to perform efficiently and to ensure that the spirit of the regulations are not lost under the monotony and routine nature of mandatory compliances, they need to appreciate the philosophy behind the regulations, widen their awareness of international trends and develop perspectives to ensure proper application of their knowledge to local realities. To address this challenge, the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and Insurance Institute of India (III) have joined hands to create an academic course to create expertise in regulatory compliance in the Insurance industry.

Program Objective:-

The objective of the Course is to create a cadre of Associates/ Fellows of III and ICSI professionals in the Insurance industry to be well versed in risk management, governance and regulatory compliances.

Program Content:-

The Course covers matters relating to Risk Management, Governance and Compliance in the Insurance industry. This would include:

  • understanding the conceptual framework of insurance regulation,
  • awareness of the international regulatory scenario,
  • statutory provisions contained in various legislations applicable in the country,
  • specific regulations drawn by the insurance regulator,
  • market conduct and
  • In-depth learning of the various compliances required in the sector.
  • Participant Profile:-

    Associate/ Fellow Members of Institute of Company Secretaries of India or Associate/ Fellow Members of Insurance Institute of India This classroom training is open only for those who have already registered for the Compliance Governance and Risk Management in Insurance (Popularly referred to as Insurance Regulatory Compliance Course (IRCC)).