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Friday, October 30, 2020

    Admissions to PGDHI /PGDIM 2020-21 batch are commencing from 11th November 2020.     Online Training Schedule of the month October - November 2020...Please click for details...      Admission Open - 2020-2021 - One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Health Insurance.         Admission Open - 2020-2021 - One Year Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance Marketing.        Starting June 2018, the office of the Institute will be closed on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Weekend classes for part time program will, however, continue as usual.      'Register for Group Corporate Membership of Online Lending Library'.

Welcome to College of Insurance

The Insurance Sector is poised for tremendous growth. Global giants in the Insurance Sector are now part of the Indian insurance market. The changing dynamics of the business and regulatory environment demand a highly motivated and professional work force equipped to understand the nuances of Insurance business to enable them to perform effectively. In such a scenario there is the need for an Institution that imparts the skill sets that help in empowering insurance professionals. With a legacy of more than five decades in the domain of Insurance training, this College has always strived for excellence in General Insurance and Life Insurance training, as well as Research. Many of today's leaders were groomed here as are being leaders of the future.....

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 Programme Calendar 2020-21

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 PG Diploma in Health Insurance Program (1 Year part time) 


2020,06,17  On-line Sessions on Agriculture Insurance for Surveyors 15-16June,2020 

2020,06,19  On-line Sessions on Soft Skills for Insurance and Bancassurance professionals 18 June,2020  

2020,06,20  On-line Sessions on Managing Solar Insurance 19 June,2020 

2020,06,20  On-line Sessions on Marketing in the Post Covid era 20 June,2020 

2020,06,24  On-line Sessions on Engineering Project Claims in times of pandemic 22-23 June, 2020 

2020,06,26  On-line Sessions on Winning in Bancassurance: a Programme for Managers of Banc assurance in Life Insurance Companies 24-25June,2020 

2020,07,02  On-line Sessions on Digital Agriculture 01 July,2020 

2020,07,08  On-line Sessions on Management of Fire Insurance (Material Damage and LOP) -06-07 July,2020 

2020,07,11  On-line Sessions on Health Insurance Underwritin 09-10 July,2020 

2020,07,15  On-line Sessions on Marketing Strategies for Branch Managers and Heads of Marketing Unites:Life Insurance13-14 July,2020 

2020,07,17  On-line Sessions on Preparing for Second Innings 14-16 July,2020 

2020,07,16  On-line Sessions on Digital Marketing 15 July.2020 

2020,07,23  On-line Sessions on Cyber Liability Insurance 21-22 July.2020 

2020,07,26  On-line Session on Digital Marketing (Batch II) 25 July.2020 

2020,08,06  On-Line Session on Use of technology in livestock 05,August,2020 

2020,08,12  On-Line Session on Impact of pandemic on Trade Credit/Event and Film Insurance 10-11 ,August,2020 

2020,08,19  On-Line Session on Managing Marine Cargo Underwriting and Claim 17-18 August,2020 

2020,08,21  On Line Liability Insurance - CGL and Non- Financial Lines 19 - 20 August, 2020 

2020,08,26  On-Line Session on Personal Financial Planning and Life Insurance 25,August ,2020 

2020,08,28  On-Line Session on Managing Catastrophe Claims 27,August,2020 

2020,09,06  Virtual Training Session on Preparing for the Second Innings 3-5 September, 2020 

2020,09,09  Virtual Training Session on Fire Insurance Underwriting 7-8 September,2020  

2020,09,12  Virtual Training Session on Cyber Liability Insurance 10-11 September,2020  

2020,09,16  Virtual Training Session on Life Insurance Underwriting Challenges 14-15 September, 2020  

2020,09,19  Virtual Training Session on Industrial Risk Inspection-Methods & Reporting 18 September, 2020  

2020,09,24  Virtual Training Session on Marine Hull Insurance 22-23 September, 2020  

2020,09,29  Virtual Training Session on Regulatory Compliance for Insurance Brokers 28th September 2020  

2020,10,07  Virtual Training Session on Comprehensive Port Package Policies 05th – 06th October 2020  

2020,10,08  Virtual Training Session for Young Leaders 06th – 07th October 2020  

2020,10,10  Virtual Training Session on Reinsurance Treaty 08th – 09th October 2020  

2020,10,14  Virtual Training Session on Appreciation of International Classification of Diseases for Insurance (ICD 10) 12th – 13th October 2020  

2020,10,15  Virtual Training Session on Appreciating Forensic Science in Insurance Investigations 14th October 2020  

2020,10,29  Virtual Training Session on Managing Marine Cargo Underwriting and Claims 27th – 28th October 2020  

2020,10,30  Virtual Training Session on Finance and Accounts for Non Finance Executives – Life Insurance 28th – 29th October 2020  

2020,11,05  Virtual Training Session on Motor OD Insurance-Underwriting 03rd- 04th November 2020  

2020,11,07  Virtual Training Session for Women Executives 05th – 06th November 2020 

2020,11,10  Virtual Training Session on Managing Thermal Power Plant Insurance 09th November 2020 

2020,11,11  Virtual Training Session on Challenges in Travel Insurance Claims 10th November 2020 

2020,11,21  Virtual Training Session on Oil and Energy Insurance 19th – 20th November 2020 

2020,11,21  Virtual Training Session on Compliance Governance and Risk Management in Insurance (IRCC) 23rd – 25th November 2020  

2020,11,28  Virtual Training Session on Personal Financial Planning and Role of Insurance 27th November 2020   

2020,11,29  Virtual Training Session on Horticulture, Floriculture, Plantations and Vegetable Insurance- 1st Step to enter Rural Landscape 28th November 2020    

2020,06,03  Engineering Project Claims June-2020  

2020,06,12  Happy Retirement June-2020  

2020,06,17  Life Insurance Claims Management June-2020  

2020,06,24  CGL and Non-Financial Liabilities June-2020  

2020,06,28  Reinsurance Management June-2020  

2020,07,01  Cattle and other forms of Rural Insurance June-2020  

2020,07,03  Strategies for Marketing Heads:Life July-2020  

2020,07,08  Bancassurance July-2020  

2020,07,15  Fire Insurance Claims and Fraud Control July-2020  

2020,08,08  International Program-Excellence in Insurance Technical -Non Life July-2020  

2020,08,05  Crop Insurance August-2020  

2020,08,07  Finance And Accounts for Non Finance Executives-Life August-2020  

2020,08,12  Customer Relationship Management August-2020  

2020,08,13  Cyber Liability Insurance August-2020  

2020,08,15  Special Purpose Policies August-2020  

2020,08,22  International Classification of Diseases and Health Insurance (ICD 10) August-2020  

2020,08,22  International Classification of Diseases and Health Insurance (ICD 10) August-2020  

2020,09,09  Fire Insurance Underwriting September-2020  

2020,09,12  ERM for Insurance and the role of CROs September-2020  

2020,09,19  Reinsurance Cedant Empowerment Program September-2020  

2020,09,23  Personal Financial Planning September-2020  

2020,10,11  International Program-Excellence in Life Insurance October-2020  

2020,10,08  Comprehensive Port Package Policies October-2020  

2020,10,15  Reinsurance Treaty October-2020  

2020,10,15  Program for Young Leaders October-2020  

2020,06,04  Strategies for Marketing Heads : Life November-2020  

2020,06,06  Motor Insurance Workshop November-2020  

2020,06,26  Compliance Governance & Risk Management in Insurance (IRCC) November-2020  

2020,06,26  Engineering Projects Insurance November-2020  

2020,06,28  Insurance Regulations-Life November-2020  

2020,07,03  Liability Insurance-Financial Lines December-2020  

2020,07,05  Programme for Principal Officers December-2020  

2020,07,05  Emerging trends in Motor Inurance Claims December-2020  

2020,07,09  Happy Retirement December-2020  

2020,07,11  Health Insurance December-2020  

2020,07,18  Certified Insurance Anti-Fraud Professional December-2020  

2020,08,14  Marine Cargo Insurance January-2021  

2020,08,23  Excellence in Insurance Technical-Non Life January-2021  

2020,08,20  Financial and Accounts for Non Finance Executives-Life January-2021  

2020,02,20  Excellence in Insurance-Technical-Life February-2021  

2020,02,20  Reinsurance Cedant Empowerment Program February-2021  

2020,04,10  Compliance Governance and Risk Management in Insurance April-2020  

2020,04,18  Regulatory Compliance for Insurance Brokers April-2020  

2019,12,26  Training Programs @ College of Insurance (Mumbai & Kolkata) during month of December 2019  

2019,04,11  Compliance Governance and Risk Management in Insurance April-2019  

2019,04,24  Insurance Marketing for Corporate Agents April-2019  

2019,05,04  Underwriting Management and Challenges – Life May-2019  

2019,05,08  Handling of Marine Cargo Claims And Fraud May-2019  

2019,05,15  Motor Insurance Fraud May-2019  

2019,05,23  Health Medical Management including Fraud Control May-2019  

2019,05,23  Programme on Agriculture Insurance May-2019  

2019,06,08  Appreciation programme for Principal Officers June-2019  

2019,06,12  Engineering Project Claims June-2019  

2019,06,13  Aviation and Satellite Insurance June-2019  

2019,06,18  Title Insurance - Liability June-2019  

2019,06,22  Life Insurance Claims Management June-2019  

2019,06,26  Appreciation Program on Liability Lines June-2019  

2019,06,30  International Program -Reinsurance Management June-2019  

2019,07,03  Marketing Strategies – for Branch and other Marketing Unit Heads : Life July-2019  

2019,07,09  Bancassurance July-2019  

2019,07,20  Regulatory Drawing Board - A Comprehensive Program for Insurance Regulators July-2019  

2019,07,24  Claims Management of Fire Insurance July-2019  

2019,07,25  Certified Insurance Anti Fraud Professionals July-2019  

2019,08,10  International Program -Excellence in Insurance Technical - Non Life July-August-2019  

2019,08,03  Rural Marketing (Insurance) August-2019  

2019,08,06  Finance and Accounts for Non Finance Executives of Life Insurance Companies August-2019  

2019,08,21  Special Purpose Policies- Jewellers' Block Policy And Bankers' Indemnity and other Special Contingency Policies August-2019  

2019,08,21  Customer Relationship Management August-2019  

2019,08,28  Liability Insurance Focus - Cyber Crime August-2019  

2019,09,18  Management of Fire Insurance September-2019  

2019,09,21  One Day Technical Workshop on Renewable Energy September-2019  

2019,09,25  ERM of Insurance Companies September-2019  

2019,09,26  Comprehensive Marine Hull Insurance September-2019  

2019,10,16  Comprehensive Port Package Policies-September-2019  

2019,10,16  Data Analytics - Appreciation Program October-2019  

2018,10,22  International Life Insurance Program October-2019  

2018,10,29  Risk Assessement in Chemical Industries October-2019  

2019,10,20  International Program - Life Insurance October-2019  

2019,10,24  Reinsurance Treaty issues and Challenges (Focus - Reinsurance treaty designing) October-2019  

2019,11,20  Comprehensive Program on Management of Engineering Projects November-2019  

2019,11,07  Compliance Governance and Risk Management in Insurance November-2019  

2019,11,21  Comprehensive Program on Management of Engineering Projects November-2019  

2019,11,27  Appreciation of Insurance Regulations – Life November-2019  

2019,12,04  Liability Insurance Focus - Financial Lines December-2019  

2019,12,07  Appreciation programme for Principal Officers December-2019  

2018,12,10  Business Interruption December-2018  

2019,12,12  Advanced Program for Young Leaders (Life and General) December-2019  

2019,12,14  One day Technical Workshop on Nuclear Civil Liability December-2019  

2019,12,19  Comprehensive Health Insurance December-2019  

2019,12,21  Certified Insurance Anti Fraud Professionals December 2019  

2020,01,16 Comprehensive Marine Cargo Insurance January 2020  

2020,01,25 International Program -Excellence in Insurance Technical - Non Life January 2020  

2020,01,22 Finance and Accounts for Non Finance Executives of Life Insurance Companies January 2020  

2020,01,22 Claims Management of Fire Insurance January 2020  

2020,02,15 International Program -Excellence in Insurance - Technical – Life February 2020  

    Programme Calendar 2020-21 

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